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UEFA 2012: SKIDATA is equipping stadiums in Poland and Ukraine

When the starting whistle blows for the 2012 UEFA European Football Champi-onship in Poland and Ukraine and 58,000 fans cheer the opening match, SKI-DATA will be ready. The pros in access management are equipping half of the stadiums for Euro 2012 with state-of-the-art access management and POS so-lutions for event access and food services. This includes Poland’s largest sta-dium, the national stadium, which is also used for other sports and entertain-ment events. The contract was signed in July 2011 – and the countdown is running…

Salzburg – 29 August, 2011 – SKIDATA, a world leader in access management and expert for football stadiums, will have an important role at the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine. After SKIDATA’s strong showing at the most recent Football World Cup, the Salzburg-based firm was awarded a contract to provide access management for half of the Polish stadiums for Euro 2012. One of the largest stadiums is the Polish national stadium. On July 12 in Warsaw, SKIDATA signed the contract with the na-tional center for sports to equip the national stadium.

National stadium with SKIDATA technology
The new national stadium, which is set to be Poland’s largest arena, will rise up where once Dziesięciolecia Stadium stood. Some 58,000 spectators will experience the opening match of Euro 2012 and additional matches in the tournament, as well as other sports events, concerts and much more. The national stadium will be a true multipurpose arena.

As system integrator, SKIDATA is responsible for access control, ticketing and the POS sys-tems for concessions. Some 76 double, full-length turnstile gates with a total of 156 readers, controlled by SKIDATA’s Handshake software, which proved so effective at the World Cup, will provide optimal access management and a high level of security. Fans who haven’t or-dered tickets online can pick them up from 6 ticketing points and 6 further ticketholder points of sale. And so fans don’t have to wait in long lines for drinks, snacks or fan shop items, SKIDATA installed 310 POS systems for food and beverages at the restaurant and kiosks throughout the stadium.

SKIDATA’s long-standing experience and knowhow impressed the event organizers. Charles Egli, CEO of SKIDATA AG: "Sports are becoming faster and more modern, and so are the fans. They expect state-of-the-art technology and buy tickets online, they want to pay by mo-bile phone and get to their seats quickly and safely. Our offering includes the full range of access technology. This enables our clients to focus entirely on their strategy and plans. We provide the technology that meets their needs."

Football – Certainly!
SKIDATA is not only providing the Polish capital with top-notch technology to ensure an ex-citing Euro 2012. The Euro 2012 stadium in Wroclaw, with 44,000 seats, will be equipped for the tournament with 42 full-length, double turnstile gates and a total of 88 readers as well as Handshake software.

Two stadiums in Ukraine are already fully equipped and ready for use. They were outfitted by SKIDATA at the end of 2009 for Euro 2012: This includes Donbass Arena in Donetsk (50,000 seats) and Metallist Stadium in Charkov (40,000 seats).

SKIDATA equipped two further stadiums in Poland with access technology in 2010, sepa-rately from Euro 2012: Legia Warsaw Stadium (33,000 seats) and Cracovia Stadium (15,000 seats). The stadium in Krakow already meets the highest standards of security. Together with its partner Integoo, SKIDATA implemented a fan verification system. The system was configured according to the latest requirements for highest level of Polish sports. It enables all fans to register in advance and verifies their identity upon entry. This ensures undesirable fans are restricted from the stadium. It helps prevent hooliganism and allows true fans to enjoy gripping matches.

For its stadium projects in Poland and Ukraine, SKIDATA is teaming up with several interna-tional providers. For Euro 2012, SKIDATA worked with Smartmachine/WWTS, Gotschlich, Micros Fidelio and Gastop.

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