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The Kudelski Group’s solutions bring a positive impact on society with cross-experiences that make people’s daily activities easier. At the convergence of real and virtual worlds, which they combine smoothly, these solutions bring people together to live their experiences and emotions with peace of mind.

Shape the future with us

What we stand for
We are passionate innovators that exploit our core strengths to develop breakthrough solutions and contribute to global megatrends such as cybersecurity and IoT. We are proud of our Swiss heritage that ensures a focus on long-term sustainability and cutting-edge security technologies.

We collaborate with our colleagues in our centers of excellence worldwide to champion the digital transformation of our industry. We leverage our trusted advisor role and unparalleled know-how to exceed customer expectations. And we leverage the unique assets of our company to continually push boundaries, disrupt the status quo and opportunistically develop and build new business segments.

Strong culture

Work is an activity, not a destination. The ability to balance obligations of work and family is critical and well-supported.

Virgil Renz, Business Development Manager, Dallas, USA

Kudelski has been visionary and nimble enough to pivot from waning technologies and to adapt to new and interesting areas of interests for their clients. I learn something every time I’m on a call with my team members.

Nicole Cooper, Account Manager, Austin, USA

A strong culture of engineering excellence has transcended industry boundaries, leading to the company’s longevity across 65 years.

Ron Frederick, Director Solution Architecture, Austin, USA