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  • Abilis Systems ships AS-102, the world’s first product to integrate a multi-band RF tuner, with an advanced demodulator, memory and a USB 2.0 interface onto a 90nm CMOS single-die
  • The high performance receiver enables the best quality reception with very low power consumption for a wide variety of personal mobile digital TV devices
  • Combining all functions on a single die provides smaller size devices (9mm*9mm), higher yield improvements, reliability, RF interference suppression and power consumption reduction
  • Abilis System will demonstrate its products at the IBC2007 show in Amsterdam on the Nagravision – Kudelski Group stand #1.461

Geneva, Switzerland – September 3, 2007 - Abilis Systems, a Kudelski Group company, today announced the production silicon shipment of the AS-102, the world’s first 90nm CMOS true “single-die” DVB-T mobile digital TV receiver.

The AS-102 receiver is the first product in the world to integrate a multi-band RF tuner, with an advanced demodulator, memory and a USB 2.0 interface onto a single 90nm CMOS die, the most economic mass production semiconductor node. The receiver performance surpasses the MBRAI and Nordig2 specification. With a very low power consumption of below 350mW, the AS-102 enables the best quality mobile reception with long viewing times for battery operated portable applications. This is the most highly integrated mobile digital TV device on the market. It requires no “active” RF components and enables the rapid design of extremely small and low cost mobile digital TV solutions for PCs, personal navigation devices (PNDs), personal multimedia players (PMPs) and set-top boxes.

The AS-102 is based on Abilis Systems’ proprietary low power Software-Defined-Radio (LP-SDR™) technology. The technology is field proven to provide superior receive performance under even the harshest conditions through its patented use of adaptive receive algorithms. LP-SDR technology also enables rapid product customization to support new and emerging TV standards such as ISDB-T, TDMB, DAB, MediaFLO or the Chinese CMMB and DMB-TH.

Combining all functions onto a single die, rather than the “System in Package” (SiP) approach of mounting multiple dies and passive components into a single chip (package/module), significantly reduces the overall cost and size of the component (9mm*9mm). It also provides higher yield improvements, reliability, RF interference suppression and power consumption reduction.

“The AS-102 clearly exceeds the Nordig2 and MBRAI specification and that’s good news for our customers. The LP-SDR-based receiver maintains excellent reception in almost any field condition to increase consumer satisfaction,” said Yves Mathys, CEO of Abilis Systems. “At Abilis Systems we are dedicated to creating the “ultimate best” solutions which combine our patented LP-SDR
architecture with single die integration.”

“As the market matures, consumers are experiencing significant differences in quality and performance. Superior receive sensitivity and mobility performance are critical to consumer acceptance and market success. This single die integration should further help the mass market adoption of mobile TV,” added Alain Duret, CTO of Abilis Systems.

The AS-102 is a member of the advanced AS-10x product family, providing high performance, low cost solutions to the cellular (AS-101: Multi-Standard) and mobile (AS-103: Diversity) markets.

Abilis Systems will demonstrate its products at the upcoming IBC007 show in Amsterdam (Hall 1, Stand 461).

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