over 70 years of innovation

From the revolutionary NAGRA recorders and the first hands-free ski access cards to the more recent intuitive and immersive ultra HD content discovery platforms, the Group’s innovations accompany people in some of their boldest and most entertaining experiences.



Perpetuating its innovative state-of-mind, the Kudelski Group is constantly developing new activities in its four business segments, promoting cross-segment collaboration to bring unique added-value in the solutions it offers.


The Kudelski Group enters the automotive industry with tracking devices and keyless access solutions

With most innovation in the automotive sector now based on electronics and software, Kudelski IoT is well placed to leverage its expertise in this market.


The Kudelski Group accelerates its transformation and demonstrates resilience in the face of COVID-19 pandemic

The Kudelski Group successfully adapts its structure and operations to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, reflecting the progress of the Group’s transformation efforts.


Launch of the Kudelski Group’s Internet of Things (IoT) activity

The Kudelski Group creates Kudelski IoT, a new business activity devoted to IoT security, providing solutions to create, enable, sustain and protect connected devices and ecosystems.


Opening of a second headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, USA

This new headquarters strengthens the Kudelski Group’s presence and activities in the United States, where new technologies and cybersecurity questions are leading.

Launch of Insight, the Kudelski Group’s artificial intelligence and big data business performance platform

With NAGRA Insight, the Kudelski Group extends its portfolio to AI and big data offers, helping clients to drive their business performance and accelerate transformation.


Entering the cybersecurity sector with the creation of Kudelski Security

Leveraging its engineering expertise to face the global cyberthreats and cybercriminality, the Kudelski Group opens its cybersecurity company, with a worldwide presence.


Acquisition of 100% of OpenTV

With this full acquisition of OpenTV, the Kudelski Group’s solutions manage the entire pay-TV ecosystem.


Entering the Public Access sector with the acquisition of SKIDATA

SKIDATA, inventor of the first handsfree ski access system and pioneer in parking solutions, joins the Kudelski Group. Opening new markets, SKIDATA later becomes world leader in public access solutions.


First digital TV access solutions

The first contract for a Nagravision digital system marks the entry into digital TV, which will drive the future of Kudelski Group’s business activities.


André Kudelski becomes Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Succeeding his father Stefan, André Kudelski is the new CEO of the Kudelski Group. The same year, conditional access television systems become Kudelski Group’s core business.


First encryption systems for television and entry into the pay-TV sector

French TV company Canal+ adopts Kudelski’s access control system for pay-TV, opening the way to a new era in the history of the Kudelski Group, with a focus on pay-TV.

1957 - 1989

From the legendary NAGRA III to the unique NAGRA RTU

After the success of the NAGRA I and its enhanced version, the NAGRA II, Kudelski releases in 1957 what will become its flagship, world-renowned recorder: the NAGRA III. Adopted by reporters, sound engineers, music lovers and film directors alike, it is used to document groundbreaking moments in history, media and entertainment. It is followed in 1960 by the NAGRA SN, the miniature recorder commissioned by the US government for CIA agents, later embarked aboard Apollo missions to the moon and used by intelligence agencies worldwide.

By 1968, the NAGRA brand has become a symbol of high quality and is widely used by most actors in the media, music and film industries. Its latest model, the NAGRA IV, becomes the most sold NAGRA product. In 1983, Kudelski launches the AMPEX-NAGRA VPR-5, the world’s smallest and lightest portable C-format video recorder, operating with any video camera. In 1989, the NAGRA RTU, a 1.2 GB per second embarked digital recorder able to support a 5G acceleration is built especially for the US army.


Creation of the company by Stefan Kudelski and launch of the NAGRA I

Having followed his family from Poland to Switzerland, Stefan Kudelski is studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), when he invents the first-ever portable audio recorder. Shortly after, he founds his own company to commercialize this revolutionary product under the name Nagra, which means “it will record” in his native Polish.