Innovation initiatives

Throughout its main business activities, the Kudelski Group promotes cross-segment collaboration around innovation, in order to develop key technologies and launch market-defining products that facilitate people’s lives.

Innovation is our DNA

Innovation is a key growth driver for the Kudelski Group. The Group’s history and heritage revolve around the flagship name of NAGRA, originally referring to the world-famous portable audio recorder developed by Stefan Kudelski. The company has ever since been a technology pioneer driven by an acute vision and a sharp sense of innovation.

Managing the patent portfolio

The Group capitalizes on its intellectual property patent portfolio through cross access to state-of-the-art technology patents and license agreements, demonstrating the relevance of its innovation and the key role it is playing in the industries in which it operates. The Group holds thousands of patent assets in a variety of technology areas, including digital security, access control, digital television and rights management, among other areas. Many of these patents relate to fundamental and valuable technologies with broad impact across many businesses.

Growing domains

The Kudelski Group focuses on innovation to develop opportunities in growing domains such as digitization, blockchain and artificial intelligence, investing in R&D and capturing more value to establish its leadership in these trending domains.

Some of the areas on which the Kudelski Group is concentrating its reflections are:


The automotive industry, with asset tracking devices as well as keyless and secure access solutions for autonomous vehicles

Smart buildings and airports

Smart buildings and airports, with IoT solutions for shared access to secure spaces


Healthcare and hospitals, with cybersecurity offerings for organizations facing unique patient security challenges.


Energy and critical infrastructures, with cybersecurity support for infrastructures facing increasing risks linked to connected systems.


The gaming industry, with the development of solutions such as watermarking for content protection


The transition to mobile, with e-payment and e-ticketing solutions


Sports technology, with live-streaming products like Sporfie and Sports-as-a-service solutions


Business and security optimization, with the use of artificial intelligence for the development of solutions improving retention or increasing revenue


Consumer behavior, with the use of artificial intelligence for the development of personalized offers and smart pricing solutions


Decentralized finance (DeFi), with the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency protection


NFTs, with the development of anti-piracy and value protection solutions


The metaverse, with a reflection on how to secure activities and transactions