What we do
and why we do it

Our ambition is to make people's lives simpler and safer. With our solutions, we want to bring a positive impact on society with cross-experiences facilitating consumers daily activities, allowing them to live their experiences and emotions with peace of mind.

We help people, businesses and administrations avoid or recover from cyber-attacks

Thanks to our Cyber Fusion Centers in Switzerland, Spain and USA, we detect and respond daily to a significant number of ransomwares, fraudulent financial operations, identity theft, crypto-jacking and network intrusions. 

We protect people’s data and ensure security in their digital transactions

financial services cybersecurity

With our financial services cybersecurity solutions, we help banking institutions and businesses to maintain a strong security posture in the e-payment and e-commerce services they provide to their customers.

We help people find lost or stolen items


Our teams designed, built and launched the RecovR asset tracking and theft recovery solution for car dealers and consumers. This simple wireless device and mobile app makes it easy to locate your vehicle when you most need to.

We make shared access to cars and buildings easier

Passive Keyless Access

Enabling secure access to vehicles and buildings, Passive Keyless Access only uses an authorized smart device, giving people the possibility to remotely share their car through their smartphone with other chosen users.

We help manufacturers secure their devices

Security Labs

In our state-of-the-art Security Labs in Switzerland, we test and ensure IoT devices are secure by design before they are launched on the market, providing maximum security for their end-users.

We protect content creators and owners from piracy


With our NexGuard forensic watermarking solution and the deployment of our secure streaming frameworks, we give creativity the opportunity to shine and inspire people all over the world without being hacked or stolen.

We provide user-friendly entertainment solutions

TVkey Cloud

With products like TVkey Cloud and services favoring content aggregation, we develop solutions for better, more efficient ways of consuming digital content, simplifying offerings and increasing end-users’ satisfaction.

We bring people capabilities to secure their connected lifestyles


Our intelligent home network security solution, NAGRA Scout, provides profile-based connected lifestyle security for consumers whether they are inside or outside their home, reassuring them in their use of connected lifestyle technologies.

We bring consumers tailor-made solutions

NAGRA Insight

With NAGRA Insight, our artificial intelligence and big data business performance platform, we have developed ways to better understand consumer behavior and to provide personalized offers to end-users.

We enable athletes to get more from their sport


Sporfie, our live streaming app, helps clubs and athletes from all sports and all leagues to stream, replay and review games and practices using mobile phones, GoPros, or installed cameras.

We encourage fans engagement


Our Sports-as-a-service solutions provide fans with new exciting experiences in their favorite sports through streaming, subscription, advertising, merchandising, podcasting and direct-to-consumer offers.

We deliver fluid and secure access to the most visited and exciting sites

Access Reader

Our fully digital and touchless Access Reader solutions enable people to live their best experience at event venues and ski resorts alike, without having to worry about physical tickets.

We provide smart and convenient parking solutions

Vehicles can enter off-street parkings easily thanks to our Freeflow Solution enabling continuous access without barriers and offering mobile payment solutions, with the possibility to pay parking and e-charging fees in one go.

We support cities in their efforts to become more efficient and sustainable

With our solutions for Smart Cities, we promote e-commerce, provide charging stations for electric vehicles in parking facilities and allow users to connect to different urban mobility options through an online platform.